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The World Cup

Right now the world’s most consuming interest is not any major political, economic or other international crisis currently prevailing on Planet Earth, but the game of football! Continue reading

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Learning to Trust – Again!

But I came out of hospital, having had my faith in the trustworthiness of God put to the test. I discovered afresh the reality of His extraordinary presence and that trust in Him is only really Trust when there is nothing whatsoever that you can do to fix or change things! Continue reading

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Change or Die – Lessons from the Life-cycle of the Lobster!

For those who have been waiting for the next entry on my blog, thank you for your patience. It’s over a year since the last posting and it’s great to be back! So why have there been no entries for … Continue reading

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Spiritual Corrosion! Or, “Is there anything showing on ‘your screen’?”

For some time now we have been struggling at home to get a good picture on our TV. The picture would be there one day and partially there another day, but in the end it packed up altogether. I checked … Continue reading

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A Sign in the Sky!

So much is happening on the world scene these days that even watching the news on TV can leave you breathless! No-one can be unaware of the major situation that is developing in Israel. Just one week ago I was … Continue reading

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The Father’s Joy

I knew that starting a blog was dangerous! And that one day the pressures of life would catch up with me! It’s more than a few weeks now since I last posted an entry and people keep on reminding me … Continue reading

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God of the Impossible

Looking for the Stepping Stones of God Apart from the Bible, my greatest reading love is studying the detailed lives of the saints of God – especially those who have pioneered in obedience to Him. My personal reading these past … Continue reading

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Dreaming Big

Jim Graham is one of those amazing, timeless people, from whose lips drop words coated in the richest honey, but which carry with them the cutting edge of God’s authority. We have known each other for years and I count … Continue reading

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A Serious Matter

Confession, repentance and forgiveness are the absolutely basic, essential fundamentals for the restoration of God’s order in any of our lives. These are the unmoveable and unshakeable steps that we all have to take when we get something wrong and … Continue reading

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Dandelions Don’t Go Away if You Chop Their Heads Off!

This week I had an email from a friend who is concerned about yet another round of deceptive spiritual experiences and practices that are happening both within his own church fellowship and some other Christian ministries he is familiar with. … Continue reading

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