A Sign in the Sky!

So much is happening on the world scene these days that even watching the news on TV can leave you breathless! No-one can be unaware of the major situation that is developing in Israel.

Just one week ago I was enjoying the peace of a Shabbat in Israel prior to preaching in Christ Church, Jerusalem on the Sunday morning. Everyone was aware that the so-called peace in the land had a ring of unreality about it. For many months the daily news in Jerusalem has included a tally of how many rockets had been fired in the last twenty four hours into Israel from Gaza. I don’t think there is any other country in the world that would have been so amazingly tolerant as Israel has been. If even one rocket had been fired, in anger, onto the territory of any of our western nations, there would have been an immediate response.

Then last Monday morning, I was sitting in a Jerusalem cafe, enjoying breakfast with some friends. While we were chatting about all sorts of normal things – behind every discussion topic was the realisation that this apparent normality could be shattered in just a moment of time. As I left Israel on Monday evening there seemed to be a significantly higher level of security at the airport – there was tension in the air. By Wednesday everyone knew what was going on and before the next Shabbat the first rockets for over twenty years would be fired in the direction of Tel a Viv and Jerusalem.

Even as I write these words on Saturday in England, the Middle East is changing shape once more and the leaders of the world’s nations are sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. Once again Israel is the centre of the world’s focus.

2,000 years ago an event took place in Israel around which history has ever since been focussed – the birth of Jesus. Last Sunday I walked out of the Zion Gate in Jerusalem and looked across to the Mount of Olives, a place which Jesus often visited. I was stunned as I looked at this brilliant rainbow in the sky – an extraordinary example of God’s great covenant-keeping sign, touching the earth at the exact spot to which one day soon Jesus will return. Zechariah 14:4 tells us that “on that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives”. And it was an angel who spoke to the disciples, after Jesus had ascended from the Mount of Olives, saying “this same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go” (Acts 1:11).

Rainbow in the sky in Israel

Rainbow in the sky in Israel

The rainbow reminded me of the fact of God’s covenant love and His covenant promises. Whatever is going on in the world is not a surprise to Him. The world may be a very uncertain place from our earthly perspective. But all the current events of world history are included within the time frame of these two great covenant keeping events – the ascension and the return of Jesus.

As I looked at that amazing rainbow, touching earth at the Mount of Olives, I had a deep sense that the time line of history was drawing to a close and that we can unconditionally trust the Lord of history as we walk through whatever events unfold in the years yet to come. We can trust Him!

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The Father’s Joy

I knew that starting a blog was dangerous! And that one day the pressures of life would catch up with me! It’s more than a few weeks now since I last posted an entry and people keep on reminding me of my failure to do so. But the reason is very simple – we’ve been on holiday and it has taken us a little while to get back into the stream of things after returning from a much needed rest.

In the time since the last entry two great sporting events have been occupying the world’s attention – the Olympic Games, followed by the Paralympics. There can’t be many people in the world who haven’t seen some of the events on TV. There are many moments I could reflect on as I watcged the world’s athletes give of their best in the pursuit of gold.

For me, however, the lasting impact of all the amazing images that filled our screens, day after day, is not of some particularly spectacular achievement, but of camera shots that appeared every single day at all the events showing pictures of Mum and Dad – sometimes just Mum and at others just Dad – absolutely bursting with pride and joy at watching their children give of their very best.

For example, when Chris Hoy won his cycling gold medal in the velodrome, there was Mum and Dad, Mum hardly daring to watch and Dad seemingly bursting out of his skin, cheering their son on. The camera kept on flicking to their faces. It was gripping television and made the race all the more exciting and poignant, realising how involved Chris Hoy’s parents were in their son’s achievements.

As I watched Chris’s Dad jumping up and down, laughing and crying at the same time at the end of the race, I was suddenly deeply impacted in my spirit by an image of how Father God looks down on His children and is filled with joy and excitement as he watches them run their particular race of life. Realising how much joy we can give to God, simply by being the people He made us to be and doing the things he gave us to do, has given me a fresh impetus to keep running  the race for as long as He gives me breath.

I’m sure Chris Hoy must have been very aware of his Mum and Dad in the stands as he raced round the track. What a blessing to know that God is watching His children and rejoicing with them in the race they are running. Olympic gold medals are very precious – but they are only of passing significance. Let’s keep our eyes focussed on what God has called us to be and to do as we look forward to an eternal crown of life being awarded to all the redeemed who love and serve Him.

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God of the Impossible

Looking for the Stepping Stones of God

Apart from the Bible, my greatest reading love is studying the detailed lives of the saints of God – especially those who have pioneered in obedience to Him. My personal reading these past few weeks has been the Autobiography of George Mueller – the full version of which details (in 730 pages of small print!) his day by day experiences of following and trusting God in nineteenth century England.

Towards the end of his long ministry career, when he was caring for 2221 orphans daily, had 189 staff to support and had a major literature mission to fund, he still faced days when there was nothing in the bank and he wrote “Am I, in the evening of my life, having to face the same tests as we had at the beginning of the work?”  It was a rhetorical, though heartfelt, question to God. For, in reality, he knew that the faith needed to feed and provide for so many orphans was no different from the faith that had been needed to trust God for his provision in the early days of his ministry, when there were no orphans depending on his mission for daily bread!

At another time, when he was totally convinced by God, in the privacy of his own prayers, that he needed to open another orphan house, a vision that was as yet still unknown to his wife, he was saying “I distrust myself, and cling to God, to be kept from mistakes and delusions” even though “I have not the least misgiving in my own mind.” George Mueller walked a path of certainty surrounded by the question-marks thrown up by not knowing the how or having the wherewithal for another big project. The enemy loves to surround us with a sea of doubts on which the water-tightness of our ship of faith has to be constantly tested!

What burned in George Mueller’s heart was the thought of countless orphans in a welfare-less Victorian Society, who would die without any food in their bellies or knowledge of Christ in their hearts. One of the people who impacted me so greatly as a child was Florrie Slade – she was about seventy-five at the time (1953) and had given her life to Jesus, aged 5 (1878) in George Mueller’s orphanage in Bristol – maybe even the very orphanage about which George Mueller was wrestling in his heart on the 25th January 1851.  Florrie had no idea who she was as a human being – but she knew who she was in Christ and radiated the love of Jesus from her face. It was the faces of orphans such as Florrie that kept George Mueller’s knees on the floor and his heart in vision.

Passion for God’s Vision
George Mueller was a great and amazing man and I do not pretend by any stretch of the imagination to equate myself or the ministry with his extraordinary faith and trust in God. But some of his experiences are so close to home just now that I am being seriously challenged and encouraged, at the same time, by the depth of his pragmatic spirituality. I understand his passion.

It was a passion for the hurting and broken that drove me on in God during my twenties and thirties. It burned within me. It was a fire that wouldn’t go out of its own accord and I couldn’t put out. Then when, in my forties, I first walked into Ellel Grange the vision burst into flames. The vision seemed crazy, impossible and beyond reality, but God brought a ministry into being that he had prepared in advance (providence). Just as we need schools and hospitals for training and medical care, God needed buildings to which His children could come for teaching and healing. We didn’t get everything right and I’m sure that there are things we could have done so much better. But I take comfort in the fact, nevertheless, that what God showed in vision is now happening in so many different places in the world.

But just as George Mueller also discovered, we don’t take ground from the kingdom of darkness without it being contended for by the prince of darkness. Over the years there are many occasions when we have experienced something of that contention. And my guess is that there is much more of that contention, that the Lord has dealt with for us in the heavenlies, than we have been aware of at the time, and which we will only find out about when the ‘books are opened’ in the glory of eternity.

The Baak House Adventure with God
Even though George Mueller knew in his heart that he was to build a second orphan house, he wrestled with God over this massive extension of the work, not wanting to go into any form of deception or delusion. I went through a similar experience in respect of the Baak House, the Centre in the Netherlands which was our first physical Centre on mainland Western Europe. ‘Could it first be established?’ and ‘could it ever be sustained?’ were huge questions.

It was a lonely road of faith that Peter Freeke, the founding Director of the work at the Baak, and I walked on together as we trusted God to find the place and make it possible to acquire the property. There were many amazing signs along the way – the steps of faith were like stepping stones across a deep river, with the stones lying just below the surface of the water – invisible from a distance, but clearly seen from one stepping stone to the next. As we put our feet down on one stone, the next stepping-stone became visible.

God gave me a big heart for the Baak House and for its potential in God. I don’t see it just as it is now – but I see it as an absolutely critical bridgehead for the Kingdom of God in an increasingly secular and humanistic society. I see it as a place that will be ready for the day that will come, when people are crying out, “Where can we find out the truth?” A day when people in need of the Saviour and His healing will make their way to the place and be found knocking on its doors looking for ‘bread – the very bread of life’. As I am writing these words, I am coming under a heavy anointing of the Spirit as the Lord is deeply impacting me with the amazing spiritual similarity between today’s world and the world of George Mueller in 1851.

An Orphaned Generation
Mueller saw an orphaned generation of fatherless and motherless children, cast off from a society that did not want them or from which their parents had been cut off by the ravages of disease, with no-one left to care for them. It was during a cholera epidemic in Bristol that God was beginning to form in Mueller’s heart the orphanage vision that would eventually hallmark his life.

I see today a generation of children growing up effectively as orphans, In the UK there are two million one-parent families, in the vast majority of which there is no father. A recent report said it as it is, “Children who grow up in one-parent homes are more likely to suffer poor health, do badly at school and  fall into crime or drug abuse when they are teenagers.” And the fact is, today’s young people, across the whole of Europe, are far more deprived spiritually than were the generations growing up in George Mueller’s day. A knowledge of God and an awareness of the fear of God has disappeared from society and we face a desperate future.

But whenever the enemy plans his strategies, God prepares the ground for a rescue package to always be available. George Mueller’s orphanages were just one of those rescue packages that were first prepared in the heart of man to be ready for a time that was yet to come. I would dearly love to spend the time doing a sociological study of the subsequent generations of those who found Christ in one of those orphanages – I have a strong suspicion that I would uncover some remarkable stories of the providence of God.

Today’s healing Ministry
I am deeply convicted that God initiated the vision for today’s healing ministry through a world-wide move of His Spirit in the sixties and seventies, in anticipation of a day when people would one day be desperate in their search for an answer. I have no doubt that when God raised up Ellel Ministries it was part of His answer to the now and forthcoming cries of His children. The centres around the world are already bearing witness to what God planned in advance by what He is now doing.

But in the midst of so much spiritual vision and blessing, there is a contention that is raging in the heavenlies. And within Ellel Ministries it is currently focussed on the Baak House and is threatening to overwhelm us. In the present European and Euro economic crisis our bankers, Deutsch Bank, will not renew our mortgage on the property and without replacement funding we are in danger of losing this vital base for the work in Europe. But in the midst of this crisis, God has provided us with the possibility of an amazing solution in which Deutsch Bank is willing to forgive us at least a million Euros!

In recent years God has been convicting the Executive Leadership of the ministry that this is a season in which He wants us to reduce, even eliminate, all our bank debt. It is vital that we become independent of the massive uncertainties represented by the banking institutions. And at the Baak Centre, we have an incredible opportunity to reduce our indebtedness by at least a million Euros, provided we can find a way of funding the residual two million Euros. It feels as though God is showing us a way in which our prayers can be answered, but at the same time taking us through a severe test when the very survival of the Baak centre within Ellel Ministries is under the most severe of challenges. Satan is fiercely contending for that precious place.

God’s Stepping Stones
I do not know where the answer is going to come from – but what I do know is this – God deeply cares about the orphaned generation that is growing up in Europe without either a knowledge of Him or without any understanding that the Saviour is also their healer and deliverer. I am sensing deeply the burden of God’s heart for the Baak House. My spirit is crying out to Him that through His people he will show us where the stepping stones are beneath the surface of the enemy’s flood tide.

Back in November 2011, those who attended the Advancing the Kingdom course at Ellel Grange, provided an amazing stepping stone when they gave 99,000 Euros for the work at the Baak. The meeting we had with Deutsch Bank was another amazing stepping stone. And I’m now looking in faith and anticipation for the next one as we approach the deadlines that have now been put in place by the Deutsch Bank for coming forward with a realistic proposal to overcome this huge financial hurdle. David Cross and I met with them on the 5th July and they are looking to us for a firm proposal to resolve the situation by the 5th August, so time is of the essence.

George Mueller’s autobiography is littered with stories of coming to God in prayer in their lack and then before long you read the record of how God met their need – often in ways which were totally different from anything they could have expected. We will rejoice at whatever way God chooses to help us – but one thing I know, as the old song  tells us,

“My Lord knows the way through the wilderness, All I have to do is follow,
My Lord knows the way through the wilderness, All I have to do is follow.
Strength for today, is mine always
And all that I need for tomorrow.
My Lord knows the way through the wilderness, All I have to do is follow.

We would deeply value your prayers for the Baak House and its destiny. And if anyone reading this senses God is showing them where the next stepping stone is to be found or that they could be part of God’s solution, then we will be delighted to hear from them.

Peter Horrobin
Ellel Grange
July 2012

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Dreaming Big

Jim Graham is one of those amazing, timeless people, from whose lips drop words coated in the richest honey, but which carry with them the cutting edge of God’s authority. We have known each other for years and I count it an enormous privilege to count him as a precious friend.

His teaching at our recent Conference (God of the Breakthrough) was totally outstanding. And in one of his sessions he shared his personal dream for the Church. I concur with every single word he said and pray you will be blessed, challenged and encouraged by his words.

“I dream of a church that is founded on a love for Jesus rather than meeting our personal needs and fulfilling our preconceived ideas and preferences.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches so filled with the Holy Spirit that they become utterly attractive communities of God’s presence and God’s power.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where seekers find reality in an eternal relationship with God and His Christ.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where the sick are healed morally, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically and relationally.

I dream of churches where the oppressed are liberated, where the broken are cared for and where they are mended for God’s eternal purposes.  That’s my dream.

I dream of churches where the poor are helped and given a new perspective and hope.

I dream of churches where families are restored and God’s order gloriously and gratefully established.

I dream of churches where addicts are set free and stabilised with a loving Godly discipline.

I dream of churches where people are empowered to become all that God created them to be.

You see, the Bible says that it is young men that see visions, but it’s old men who dream dreams. And these are my dreams and I long that these dreams will become part of the motivation and the reality of the Body of Christ on earth right across our planet.”

Every word of this expresses what the work of Ellel Ministries is all about. It’s what keeps our heart beating, as day after day we see the hand of God shaping and transforming people’s lives. I had an earthly Dad who encouraged me as a child to dream big and believe that if the dream was of God, then there’s nothing that can stand in the way of God’s purposes. But he also encouraged me to pray for those dreams and taught me that it is through prayer and intercession that the dreams of God in Heaven become reality here on earth.

Oh that we would so live in the dreams of God while we are here on earth, that we will then be empowered to fulfil the purposes of God on Planet Earth!

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A Serious Matter

Confession, repentance and forgiveness are the absolutely basic, essential fundamentals for the restoration of God’s order in any of our lives. These are the unmoveable and unshakeable steps that we all have to take when we get something wrong and have to face the reality of the mistakes we have made.

Bearing this important truth in mind, I would like to comment on a very pertinent question that someone asked, in response to my last blog posting about the dangers of deception and mixture in the Church – here it is. Why is it that when leaders make mistakes by, for example, endorsing or teaching something that is subsequently proven to have been deceptive error, are they so very reluctant to repent of their mistake and put the matter right, both with God and the people who may have been led astray as a result? There are many examples of this in the Body of Christ – and it is a serious matter.  So why don’t they?

Each one will undoubtedly have their personal reasons for not doing so, and it would be interesting to hear them, but it is not these superficial reasons that are the most important consideration. What we should be more concerned about is the fundamental underlying issue that supports those reasons – whatever they may be. To discover the most likely answer to this important question, we need to look beneath the surface and ask a couple of other questions about the nature of God and the nature of Satan.

Scripture tells us unequivocally that ‘God is love’. This means that the very essence of the Godhead is love. All the fruits of the Spirit, as described by Paul in Galatians 5:22-23 are outward manifestations of God’s love working through His people. And the gifts of the Spirit, as listed for example in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 (which includes the gift of discerning of spirits), are given by that same loving God for our common good, because He does not want us to be without His help in order to love, live and serve Him in this spiritually very deceptive and dangerous world.  We desperately need God’s supernatural wisdom and discernment.

There is no doubt that God desires that those who are His disciples should be embodiments of His love, living as agents of the King, and using the gifts of the Spirit in their daily walk with Him. As such they are then demonstrating the love characteristics of Father God – and the longer we’ve known and walked with Him, the more able we should be to reflect His character and nature into the world in which we live. It’s a natural thing for children to behave according to the character of their father. And when we become believers we are entering into our inheritance as children of God (John 1:12) and should begin to demonstrate His characteristics.

Turning our attention now to Satan, however, we discover in Scripture that His primary characteristic is not love, but pride. He wanted to be like, and even above, the Almighty (Isaiah 14:12-14)! Pride is an insidious and rebellious condition of the heart (“You said in your heart” – verse 13) and the god of this world will do everything he possibly can to deceive us into following his heart’s desire, leading us away from the true and living God and trying to prove that he’s right and God’s wrong.

And herein lies the core of our problem. When we have been deceived into following the god of this world, even unintentionally, we are following a false father and just as children will grow up to do the same things they have seen their human father doing, then we begin to demonstrate the characteristics of the false father, whose primary characteristic is pride. Satan is no fool and he is a master at coming as an angel of light in order to deceive the saints of God into following his example and pridefully becoming a reflection of his character.

There is a fascinating encounter, recorded in John’s Gospel, between Jesus and some of the spiritual leaders of His day about this very issue! They protested at what Jesus was saying and said “We are not illegitimate children, the only Father we have is God himself” (John 8:41). But in His response Jesus had to tell these deceived leaders that their real problem was that they were demonstrating the character of the one who was their false father, the devil (John 8:42-45)!

We need to understand that the central issue in spiritual warfare is not doing battle with the enemy ‘out there’, but recognising and dealing with the influence of the enemy ‘in here’ – meaning in the heart of man, which Jeremiah reminds us is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9)! This is the place where the enemy, camouflaged in pride, seeks to govern our souls. It’s not for nothing that Paul urged his readers not to give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:27).

Scripture only gives us one remedy for dealing with the times when we have got it wrong and come under the influence of the false father – and that is to “humble yourselves before the Lord” (James 4:10). But to do this runs directly contrary to the nature of the enemy. Satan has never owned up to his own pride.  And pride, within the carnal nature, therefore, will always want to oppose someone who wants to tread the road of repentance, which is God’s only way back to spiritual wholeness and clear spiritual thinking.

Humility is the very opposite of pride. And Satan hates it when God’s people choose to walk the path of humility and in so doing disempower him and remove his influence from their heart. Satan will do everything he can to persuade people not to go this route and put things right God’s way!

Returning now to the original question, it’s obvious that as long as people, especially leaders, remain publicly unrepentant over situations where they could have led people astray, then all those who have followed their lead will still be thinking that everything was, in fact, OK with God when, in reality, it was the very opposite. For this reason the same old deceptions are empowered to keep on raising their heads like the proverbial dandelions, because they have never been properly faced by those in a position to lead people into truth, with the result that the roots of deception are left in place (instead of extracted) and are getting stronger all the time! The sheep are being led astray and, as Ezekiel observed in his day “they became food for the wild animals .  . . and were scattered” (Ezekiel 34:5-6). No guesses needed to discern what the wild animals represent!

Pride says, “I can’t be wrong!” And pride also says that “even if I know I did get something wrong, I don’t want to admit it for if, especially as a Christian leader, I admit that I got something wrong, I may lose my reputation, my credibility, my position, my support, my income and everything I’ve worked so hard to build up!”

So, rather than face reality and follow Scriptural encouragement to humble oneself and repent, people tend to cover things up, ignore the truth – even if it is blindingly obvious – leaving the sheep, who are looking to their shepherds for a godly lead, very confused and even more vulnerable to further deception. It’s so easy to forget what we read in James where it says that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). How much better it is to humble oneself under the grace of God than to remain in pride under the favour of the enemy!

We not only need to pray for those who are in key positions of leadership in the Body of Christ, but I believe it’s time for us all to re-hang the plumb-line of the Word of God in the Body of Christ and weigh and test everything we do. We must, as a matter of urgency, ask God for His discernment and wisdom as we navigate the difficult and turbulent seas that we are currently sailing on. Unless we stay true to both the Word and the Spirit, the enemy will continue to walk all over the Church, knowing that his work will not even be recognised for what it is, and the work of deception will be complete. It’s time to get on our knees and examine our hearts.

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Dandelions Don’t Go Away if You Chop Their Heads Off!

This week I had an email from a friend who is concerned about yet another round of deceptive spiritual experiences and practices that are happening both within his own church fellowship and some other Christian ministries he is familiar with. He was asking for a copy of an article I wrote some while ago about the dangers of mixture in the church.

I originally wrote the article on the back of what was happening at Lakeland – but long before the whole event had became an unmitigated disaster for the charismatic Christian world following the exposure of some of the deception that was at the core of Lakeland.

My friend was bemoaning the fact that the same sort of spiritual experiences were once again being paraded in the fellowship as if they were normal and OK. I was more than happy to send him a copy of the article and here is what I wrote back to him in my email:

“Dandelions don’t go away if you chop their heads off – the root always goes deeper and the next time they appear they can be even stronger! My heart breaks for the way so many leaders have dealt with deception in the church as if it was a dandelion on their lawn – when something goes wrong, they just chop its head off and fail to deal with the real issues, time and time again. The result is a charismatic church that has no plumb line or, even, a desire to look for one.

When spiritual entertainment has become the easy substitute for spiritual reality, we are no longer making disciples, but facilitating a church that no longer has any way of discerning the true from the false.

I pray the article helps. All you can do is hold the line for truth and integrity and constantly question those things that have no basis of either reality or scriptural validity  –  especially those things that become popular quickly and which soften up believers to swallow lies in the midst of truth. Deception thrives when encased in truth – the presence of truth actually deceives people into thinking that everything must be true and there is no need to test.

Scripture, however, commands us to test ALL things – not just the things that look bad – we don’t need to test those, they must just be rejected. The things that need testing are the things that under a certain light look good. I was once amazed as a child at how strong and stable the stage set of a Roman Palace looked to the audience, when seen in the blaze of the theatre lights. But when I went back stage I was shocked to see that it was made of cardboard, paste and paint. We need to learn how to look backstage in the Body of Christ.”

As I had watched the events of Lakeland unfolding on our TV screens, I was grieved at how so few charismatic leaders seemed to be aware of the dangers of what was happening, and at how so many were unquestioningly endorsing it all, as if everything that was happening was of God.

I was weeping in my spirit over the lack of discernment there was in the Body of Christ and at the same time angry with the enemy for what he was sowing into the hearts of God’s people. The God of this world truly does blind spiritual eyes – even the eyes of God’s people.

I was sitting in the apartment of a friend in Jerusalem at the time. I can’t have been very far from the actual place where Jesus had warned the disciples that in the end times people would be deceived by false prophets, false signs and false wonders (see Matthew 24). I began to scribble down my thoughts about what was happening and these turned into the article I referred to above about the dangers of Mixture in the Church.

It seems, from what my friend was saying, that the dandelions are gathering their strength again for yet another demonstration of deceptive spiritual experiences. Let’s not forget Jesus’s injunction in  Matthew 24:4, “Watch out that no-one deceives you.” And let’s also learn how to go back-stage in the Body of Christ and see what lies behind what we are seeing!

If you want to read the article for yourselves, you can go straight to it by clicking on the following link:  Mixture in the Church Article

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The Surprising Ways of God

It’s a few weeks now since I posted a fresh entry on the blog. The fact is we have been going through a really tough time in the work of Ellel Ministries, and I have been more than fully occupied working with our teams as we struggle to support the essential finances of the ministry. In these recessionary times we’re not alone in the struggle, for I know of other Christian ministries who are also in regular intercession for the ‘daily bread’ which enables them to keep walking forward with the work God has given them to do.

We are constantly living in the place of tension that lies between the understanding of God that Paul gave us, when he said in Philippians 4:19 that “My God will supply all my needs through his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”, and the experiences with God, that Paul also had, of being in great need, without even “food or clothing” (2 Corinthians 11:28)!

Trying to understand the ways of God who is, without doubt, Jehovah-Jireh (the Lord will provide) for His people, sometimes leaves us with more questions than answers! But one thing is certain – it both tests your faith and throws you upon the Lord in new ways when the supply doesn’t seem to be there. I’m sure that Elijah was asking God a few questions when the brook Kerith dried up (1 Kings 17:7), especially as it was God who had sent him there in the first place and told him to drink from the brook. If I were Elijah I would have been saying something like, “God – I know you sent me here, so why has the brook dried up. Don’t you know I can’t live without water?”

But it was only after the brook had dried up that God gave Elijah fresh instructions to go to a widow in Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-16). There was no advance notice of God’s further provision! Trusting God in such circumstances is, of course, the essence of faith. But it was while he was in the place of dire need that God was also preparing Elijah’s next source of supernatural supply – Jehovah-Jireh was at work providing for His prophet.

I don’t know why it is that so often in the history of Christian missions, the supply runs out before God gives new instructions and new sources of provision. At those times it’s so easy for the critics to get out their manuals of how they think God should operate and start voicing their opinions, such as: “If you’re going through such a tough time, surely you must be doing something wrong – my God wouldn’t do something like that!” I’ve often heard words such as “God can’t possibly be with you if you’re struggling with lack of funds.”

Many times I’ve had to stand firm in faith, trusting that the God of Elijah hasn’t changed his character. On one occasion we were totally desperate for funds at a critical time in the growth and development of the ministry. It was a season when we were really pushing through to teach about deliverance as well as healing. It felt as though the enemy was gloating over our financial problems.

Our leaders were deep in intercession, our staff weren’t being paid, bills were long overdue and we were desperately struggling – until one morning when our accountant called me on the phone to say that he had just opened an envelope containing a cheque for £50,000 – and with it was a promise for a further £50,000 soon to come!

An intercessor had been praying for some time for the work. She read in the Newsletter about some of the needs and made a vow to the Lord that she would like to give £100,000 to the ministry! On the face of it her vow to the Lord was an impossibility – she didn’t have that sort of money and had no way of earning it. So her vow was unlikely ever to be called upon – or so she might have thought! But one day she had a letter from a lawyer who told her that a man, who had always appreciated her smile and kind attention in the bank where she worked on the counter, had died. As a thank-you for all her years of kindness, he had left her his house. When it was sold, the house realised almost exactly £100,000. She remembered her vow to the Lord and without hesitation she honoured the Lord with her promise and sent the money to the ministry! God knew all about this, long before we were at our point of crisis – but it was only a crisis for us because we couldn’t see what God was going to do next. It wasn’t a crisis for God!

That experience has kept my strength up on many subsequent occasions – and even now when we are going through one of the toughest financial seasons in our history, I’m looking back at that occasion with thanksgiving and looking forward at the same time with anticipation, wondering what God is going to do next. I’ve no idea – but I am praying, and trusting that God has another “widow of Zarephath” somewhere (or perhaps many of them),through whom He is going to make provision for the next phase of the ministry. We would really value the support of your prayers at this time.

If you feel God may be prompting you to provide some “flour and oil” to help support the ministry or would just like to read about the situation and pray for us, please click on the following link:  www.ellelministries.org/support/appeal

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£9m for the Gospel!

No, this announcement is not news of an amazing donation for evangelising our desperately needy nation, but is from an extraordinary Press Release from the British Library. They have successfully acquired the St Cuthbert Gospel, a miraculously well-preserved 7th century copy of St. John’s Gospel, which is “the oldest European book to survive fully intact and therefore one of the world’s most important books.

The £9 million purchase price for the Gospel has come through the largest and most successful fundraising campaign in the British Library’s history, with a £4.5 million grant coming from Government funds and a further £4.5 million pounds from many other charities and private donors. The Library states that “this precious item will remain in public hands so that present and future generations can learn from it” and says that they are now taking the first steps to increase public awareness and understanding of the Gospel.”

This remarkable seventh century book was only preserved so well, in its original red leather binding, because it was placed in the coffin of St.Cuthbert when he was buried in AD 698. The book was later discovered when the coffin was opened in 1104 for his reburial in Durham Cathedral.

Of one thing we can be certain – the book was only placed there because it was the most precious item that Cuthbert possessed – not because it was a valuable book, however, but because it contained treasure that is beyond earthly value.

As a book-lover, I am delighted that this extraordinary book has been preserved – but as a believer in the One we read of in the book, I wish the Government and other charities were as concerned to communicate to the nation the message of the Gospel as they have demonstrated that they are to preserve a copy of it!

I pray that the Library’s desire to “increase public awareness and understanding of the Gospel” will cause people to think – not just about the importance of the book as a physical object, but also about the importance of the content of the book. A digitised copy of the Gospel is now available on line for anyone to read – in Latin of course! But that can only be a good thing – for those who want to find out why this book was so important to St.Cuthbert will have to buy a Bible to read it in their own language.

I’m praying that there will be many serious minded individuals who will do more than gaze in wonder at the manuscript pages – and will want to find out why the book itself was so important to St.Cuthbert. And that as a result many will read the Gospel of John for themselves and be so impacted by what they read that the message of John 1:12 and John 3:16 will transform their lives.

And then I’m praying that there will be at least one of these who will be so impacted by what God has done for them that they will become another John Wesley who will rise up as an evangelist to the nation. Come to think of it, the Government could well have unintentionally funded one of the most effective evangelistic efforts there has been for many a long year!

£9 million pounds is a huge amount of money for anyone to pay for one book – but if one person is saved as a result, in God’s economy it will be worth it. But just think what the consequences for the Kingdom of God would be if that person had as remarkable an effect on our 21st Century world as John Wesley had on his 18th Century world. £9 million pounds would be a very small price to pay for the consequential incredible blessings to the nation.

Will you join with me in praying that everyone who goes to see this amazing book will be impacted by the presence of God? And that deep in their hearts they will start to ask questions about the content of the book – questions that would never have occurred to them, were it not for the book’s extraordinary age and value? God can still move in mysterious ways!

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Bouncing Bombs!

Since my last blog post we have been thrilled to be sharing with a thousand other people in our International Conference, God of the Breakthrough, at Blackpool in the UK. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and teaching from a fantastic team of guest speakers! It was amazing to see how so many different speakers were all sharing a similar message from the heart of God – this is a time for BREAKTHROUGH in the lives of God’s people and His Church.

In the opening session of the conference I referred to what happened when, in 2 Samuel 5:17-25, the Philistines twice came against David after he had been established by the Lord as King over Israel. The enemies of Israel were not pleased!

It certainly seems as though today, that the enemies of God are ranged against the Body of Christ in a similar way. In those days, David immediately took the problem to the Lord in prayer and God showed him what to do on both occasions. Scripture records that the effect of what God did on the first occasion was like waters breaking out with an unstoppable force – and the Philistine attackers were defeated.

This reminded me of what happened during the last war when the RAF targeted the hydro-electric dams of the industrial heartland of Germany. They had an amazing and unprecedented new weapon – a bouncing bomb! This bouncing bomb, devised by an extraordinary British engineer, Barnes Wallis, was designed to bounce across the surface of the reservoirs before sinking right at the wall of the dam and then exploding with devastating effect deep beneath the water.

As a student at University I was privileged to meet Barnes Wallis and share a meal with him. I didn’t know then that he was a devout Christian, but that meeting was one of those moments when I knew I had met and shared hearts with an extraordinary genius. His biographer described him as “a man of deep faith who was happy to produce experimental proof for unbelievers”.

The film, “The Dam Busters”, which many of you will have seen, made Barnes Wallis a household name in the UK, and has recently been re-released in a digitally re-mastered version. It’s a remarkable film which I first saw when I was at school.

I recently watched the film again and as I did so God began to speak to me about some very important spiritual principles:

1. The Bouncing Bomb principle. The 5 tons of bouncing bomb explosive were powerless to do any serious damage to the industrial targets of the Ruhr. But what the bouncing bomb could do, if exploded deep under the water by the edge of the dam wall, is destroy the dam. And then the waters would break out and do the damage to the industries below which no bomb at that time could have done. David said, “As waters break out, the Lord has broken out against my enemies before me.” (2 Sam 5:20). The waters of the dam broke out with extraordinary force and effectiveness. This reminded me that the things we do in obedience to God are a bit like the bouncing bomb. What we do when we are on target with our obedience to Him may seem small to us, but in the hands of God the result of our obedience is like the waters of a massive dam breaking out. The consequences of what wedo are far greater than we could ever imagine!

2. The Converging Lights: For the bouncing bomb to work it had to be released from the plane at exactly the right height (60ft). To achieve this accuracy, two angled spotlights were mounted on the front and the rear of the plane. When the two spotlights converged, the pilot knew that the plane was at exactly the right height. The spirit of man and the Spirit of God are like the two converging spot lights. When the spirit of man is in harmony with the Spirit of God, then we know that we will be on target to fulfil our destiny in God.

3. The Bomb Sights: Not only had the bomb to be dropped from the plane at the right height – it also had to be at the right distance from the dam wall. To get this part of the operation right, two nails were mounted on a sight guide – the bomb had to be released at the precise moment when the two nails were seen to be exactly in line with the twin turrets of the dam. In David’s second encounter with the Philistines, God told him to wait for a precise moment before attacking – when he heard “the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees”. David waited and listened and because he got the timing right, the Philistines were once again defeated. When the Lord shows us something He wants us to do, there is often a timing in God for the moment of action. We need to listen to His voice and only act when He gives us the go ahead.

4. Perseverance: One of the things that most impacted me personally about Barnes Wallis was his quiet determination to press through with the vision until completion –  no matter who stood in the way or what problems he encountered. In the film he is quoted as saying “If you believe in a thing as much as I believe in this, there isn’t really any other work worth doing until you’ve seen it through.” The fact is the enemy will always try and make us give up on what the Lord asks us to do. But be sure of this, if we know that we are doing the work of God, then there is no other work worth doing until we’ve seen it through!

My encounter with Barnes Wallis was a significant and God-ordained moment in my life. One of the messages from Blackpool was that now is the time for the people of God to begin releasing many spiritual bouncing bombs into His world. We desperately need the waters of God to break out against the powers of darkness and for the Body of Christ, the Church, to rise up and re-take the ground that has been lost in our nations.

Note: To obtain copies of the audio or DVD versions of all the teaching from the God of the Breakthrough Conference, please go to: www.ellelministries.org/shop.

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The Sanctity of Life, Marriage and Death

We are living in days when the secular governments of our western nations are trying to rewrite the statute books in order to eliminate the ideas of morality and moral boundaries from every area of society.

A recent paper on Medical Ethics argued that because there is no fundamental difference between the life a baby has inside the womb and the life a new-born baby has outside of the womb, that there is also no fundamental difference between terminating the baby’s life before or after birth. Once this argument has gained acceptance, then the legal barrier to infanticide, if the baby is found after birth to have any obvious birth defects, can be eliminated from the mind of our legislators.

But I also read in our papers this week about a secret under-cover report on a well-known abortion clinic, highlighting the fact that the life of some babies had been terminated (illegally at the present time) simply because they were the ‘wrong sex’. As far as the parents of those babies were concerned, the wrong gender was a birth defect! Gender-cide has reached the shores of our nation.

At the other end of life we have also had to endure increasing pressure from our legislators for adopting the specious arguments for euthanasia. Reasons for the elderly and the infirm to feel distinctly unsafe in their beds are gaining ground.

When a child goes to a boarding school, the parents delegate responsibility for the care of their child to the school authorities. The school then becomes “in loco parentis” (in place of the parents) while the child is in their care. It seems that we are very rapidly moving to a situation, where governments are putting themselves “in loco Dei” (in the place of God) and legalising killing at both ends of life – in direct rebellion against the sixth commandment. Crimes which in earlier centuries would have been labelled as murder, and punished accordingly, are today being legalised in the name of choice!

In the UK we are also in the middle of a major national debate about the government’s intention to introduce something called “gay marriage”. There are obviously many forms of relationship which people can have, but the purpose of the marriage relationship is different from every other sort of relationship that people can ever enter into.

This is expressed most clearly in the Book of Common Prayer which, since 1662, has enshrined the teaching of Scripture in its pages and has stated unequivocally that “marriage is an honourable estate instituted of God . . . and first it was ordained for the procreation of children, to be brought up in the fear and nurture of the Lord, and to the praise of his holy Name.”

The first objective of marriage, therefore, is that it should provide a safe spiritual environment in which to conceive, have and bring up children. There are other objectives, of course, but this is the first objective and unless this first intention is respected, in the knowledge that children are only conceived through normal male-female sexual relations, then whatever you want to call same-sex relationships they cannot ever be referred to as marriage.

Only if it were possible for two men or two women to be stranded on an otherwise uninhabited desert island, and nine months later produce a baby, would I have to reconsider my theology and my opinions! But I don’t think I’m in any danger of ever having to change my understanding of marriage on these grounds!

This week I am thanking God that the Archbishops of the Roman Catholic Church in the UK have come out so clearly and strongly against the government’s objective of authorising ‘gay marriage’. For the reasons stated above this very terminology is a contradiction in terms – the word gay (in its modern meaning) and the word marriage are mutually incompatible. Would that all the other denominations would stand shoulder to shoulder with the stance adopted by the Catholic Archbishops.

There is only one reason why government after government has tampered with the statute books and systematically eliminated the authority of God’s Word and God’s law from legislation – it’s because there is no longer any fear of the Lord in the land. No wonder the Scripture tells us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10). The absolute sanctity of life, marriage and death is no longer respected. Wisdom has departed from the corridors of governmental power.

When any nation believes that it can stand in the place of God, and play fast and loose with God’s Word, then it is putting itself on notice to get ready for the consequences, for Scripture also says that “God cannot be mocked – a man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7). When we mock God, His Word and His laws we lose the protection of God and move out from under the covering which is the source of His blessing (Psalm 91).

Never before has our nation faced such head-on attacks on its spiritual foundations. It’s time for our spiritual leaders and all our intercessors to drop to their knees and remind themselves of 2 Chronicles 7:14: “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

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