Seeds of the Kingdom

Here are all the contributions to Seeds of the Kingdom by Peter. This is a daily devotional written by Peter Horrobin and various members of the staff of Ellel Ministries International.
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2 Responses to Seeds of the Kingdom

  1. Gary says:

    Hello Ellel

    I have been blessed by my weekend and even more desperate to do the deliverance I am so in need – spent time over the last few weeks listening to Derek Prince, so I am ready.
    Without you I would not have setup this website for others. Please share with Trevor P who met with me. I thank God for you. Lots of love Gary Francis

  2. Charlotte McTavish says:

    Hello Ellel!

    I was watching one of the videos last night online:an interview with Fiona Horrobin and Sara Shaw about what happened to Sarah as a child, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, the dreadful impact it had on her etc and of when she went on the 10 day healing retreat to Ellel Grange. It was really interesting to watch.

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